Escondido, California is a great place for those that love wine. There are several vineyards in this area and they are open to the public. There are a number of tours and other activities that a person can find at these vineyards. Here are a few you may consider visiting.

The Vineyard at Escondido

This vineyard has a tour where people can see how wine is made and even taste the wine. This vineyard is known for it’s golf course. There is an 18 hole course that offers some great scenery outside of the vineyard. This course is the home to many local tournaments where a person can show off their skills and compete in an event for charity. There is a special area on this vineyard that will host weddings and other special events. There is a great view of the vineyards and the outdoors. There are trees, lakes, and other natural beauty that make this a very popular destination with both locals and tourists.

Orfila Vineyard

This vineyard has won a number of awards. They have special grape stomping events where the public can come and see how the grapes are prepared so that their juice can be used. In addition to watching this there is a dinner buffet and of course the guests will be able to sample some wine. This vineyard has a number of events and daily tours. Some of the popular events include shows that are put on the patio stage. A person can rent out a special room for their private gatherings.

Hungry Hawk Vineyards

Hungry Hawk wines are 2016 Toast of the Coast Gold and Best Blended White winners. The vineyard often hosts performances by local musicians. You can taste their wines in an air conditioned tasting room or enjoy their outdoor patio. Either way sounds like a very relaxing time.

These are just some of the great vineyards in the Escondido area. A person can go on tours of the vineyards, taste the wine, and of course purchase some wine to take home with them. These and other vineyards have daily specials so a person should check in with them often. You can have a nice outing with friends or a romantic getaway with your significant other. Lifetime smiles is proud to be part of the Escondido community. If you are in need of dental services in the Escondido area, please send us a message. We love to make Escondido smile.