Snoring therapy in Escondido
Snoring Treatment in Escondido

Are you embarrassed to keep a family member or spouse up at night because of snoring? Do you want to finally get a peaceful night’s sleep? Our dentists, Dr. Rabee McDonald & Dr. Christo Mallakis, at Lifetime Smiles can help! Dr. McDonald & Dr. Mallakis provide snoring mouthpieces, sometimes called snore guards or snoring aids, to minimize snoring, the loud and harsh sounds caused by a blocked airway.

What is a snoring mouthpiece?

A snoring mouthpiece is a custom made dental appliance that gently pushes the lower jaw forward to prevent your airway from becoming obstructed at night. Snoring mouthpieces are comfortable, easy to wear, and effective. Made of plastic, they fit snugly over your teeth for a secure fit. We will ensure that your individual snoring mouthpiece fits your mouth comfortably to allow you to get a better night’s rest.

Our caring dental team is also available to answer any of your questions about snoring or our snoring treatments. We are dedicated to improving all aspects of your oral health, especially when it affects other parts of your life. To learn more about our snoring treatments and snoring mouthpieces in Escondido, California, call or visit our dental office today. We are eager to put your snoring woes to rest. Call 760-747-1811 to schedule your appointment today!

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