What are digital X-rays?

Digital radiography in Escondido, California is an essential diagnostic tool at Lifetime Smiles. Also referred to as digital X-rays, digital radiography is cutting edge dental technology that helps our skilled dental team detect and diagnose dental problems more quickly and accurately than ever before. Digital X-rays use nearly 80% less radiation than traditional film X-rays and are completely safe to use. Digital X-rays provide high-resolution, expandable images; these images are also immediately available on our computer screens so we can help you understand not only what treatments we want to offer, but why we feel they are necessary. We want you to feel confident with your dental care!

What are digital X-rays used for?

Using digital radiography, Dr. McDonald & Dr. Mallakis, our gifted dentists, can detect and diagnose:

  • Abscesses, tumors, or cysts
  • Abnormalities that occur during developmental stages
  • Tooth decay or cavities located between teeth
  • An infected tooth nerve
  • Fractures or cracks in dental fillings

Our dentists at Lifetime Smiles can also use digital X-rays to effectively plan TMJ treatment, dental implants, and other dental services. The goal of digital X-rays at our dental office is to help us get a full vision of your smile so we can provide all of the treatments you and your family need.  We welcome you to call our dental office at 760-747-1811 today to learn more about how we use digital X-rays to improve your dental treatment.

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