What is a dental filling?

When your tooth enamel has been damaged by tooth decay, a dental filling in Escondido, California may be the best option to repair your smile. A dental filling is a special material that is used to restore the size, shape, integrity, and strength of a damaged tooth. There are many types of materials used for dental fillings; at Lifetime Smiles, we offer white fillings in order to maintain a beautiful and natural aesthetic. A dental filling can be applied in just one visit to our dental office. To learn more, please call Lifetime Smiles today at 760-747-1811.

What is a white filling?

White Dental Fillings in Escondido
White Dental Fillings in Escondido

A white filling is also called tooth-colored or composite fillings. Made from composite resin, a white filling can be matched to the natural color of the tooth receiving the filling.

To apply your white filling, our dental team will follow these general measures:

  • After cleaning the tooth, Dr. McDonald and Dr. Mallakis, our skilled dentists, will remove all decay and damage.
  • The tooth is then cleaned again and prepared to receive the filling.
  • Composite resin is soft when first applied, allowing Dr. McDonald and Dr. Mallakis to shape and sculpt the filling to match the natural shape of your teeth and to fit your bite patterns.
  • Once all adjustments have been made, the filling is hardened using a special light.
  • Your tooth is polished and smoothed to a beautiful and healthy shine.

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