What is a dental implant restoration?

Dental Implant Restoration at Lifetime Smiles
Dental Implant Restoration at Lifetime Smiles

If you have undergone a dental implant treatment, you understand the importance of the dental restoration placed on top of the dental implant post. Most often a crown, bridge, or denture, your dental restoration is created to last for a lifetime. Due to the fact that The implant is made out of Titanium it is bio compatible and success rates are higher than anything else we can offer in dentistry.  There is also no chance of decay, which is a fabulous side effect of implants! Dental implants can replace:

  • Missing teeth due to severe decay, failed root canals or trauma
  • Give your dentures stability
  • Give you the smile you always wanted
  • Replace your removable dentures or partial dentures.

Dental implants have truly changed the face of dentistry.  We work along side a talented group of oral surgeons who place your dental implant.  They are highly skilled and trained and are dual degree with an M.D. as well as a D.M.D.  So they are both physicians and dentists, which puts us at ease by placing you in the best of hands. For more information on implant dentistry and to schedule your consultation with one of our dentists, we encourage you to call our dental office in Escondido, California at 760-747-1811 and to read Dr. McDonald’s blog on dental implants.


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