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Dental implants replace missing teeth with a threaded titanium post that is surgically placed in the jawbone. The implant provides many oral health benefits and functions like a natural tooth root. Once your implant has fully healed, you will receive your custom implant restoration, which may be a dental crown, bridge, or denture

The final stage of your treatment can be an exciting time. Once your restoration has been placed at our Escondido dental practice, you can enjoy a fully restored smile.

When Will I Receive My Implant Restoration?

Typically, your final restoration is placed once your implants have fully healed. After your initial implant placement surgery, your titanium post will fuse with the surrounding jawbone tissue through a natural process called osseointegration. Full healing can take anywhere from two to six months. 

Our office also offers “teeth in a day” or “teeth the same day”, also known as All-on-4® implant-retained dentures, which allow you to be fitted with a full set of temporary teeth while your implants heal. One of our doctors will explain your specific treatment timeline in detail.

Implant Restoration Overview

An implant replaces the root of your tooth. An abutment is a small metal connection between the restoration (a crown or denture) and the implant. 

Our office offers advanced CEREC technology that can manufacture high-quality crowns from a single block of ceramic that is color-matched to blend with your smile. Your final restoration process will depend on which type of prosthetic you are receiving. 

Dental Crown

Using our advanced CEREC machine, a 3D image of your crown will be made. Then, our custom milling machine will fabricate your crown, typically within one hour. Once your crown is ready, one of our doctors can ensure that it is a good fit before attaching it to your abutment.

Dental Bridge

A digital 3D scan of your impression will be made and sent to a trusted laboratory that will fabricate your bridge. We will provide the lab with detailed information to ensure that the bridge closely resembles your natural teeth. A final appointment will be made where one of our doctors will attach the prosthetic to your implants, when it is returned from the lab. 

Denture (All-on-4)

Around six months after your initial implant placement, your temporary prosthesis will be removed and a final impression of your mouth will be made. A titanium bar will be fabricated to support your permanent new teeth. These teeth are not removable, and only your dentist can remove them for your periodic hygiene therapy. 

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