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One of our biggest dilemmas in dentistry is the appearance of those small cavities in between the teeth. In order to fill those tiny lesions we have to remove healthy tooth structure to reach them. If we “watch” or “observe” them till the next check up, they either get bigger or spread to the adjacent teeth. In very small cases these small cavities may arrest if the patient is diligent about flossing and changing their diet. Here at Lifetime Smiles in Escondido, Ca, we are on the cutting edge of stopping these small cavities in their tracks. There is an alternative option to drilling out these teeth, called Icon No Drill Fillings.



With no drill fillings we can take care of small cavities in between the teeth without the numbing and the drilling. This is a great option for those cavities that we get between our teeth from not flossing. When your dentist catches these cavities early using digital X-rays and Cari-vu, we can take care of them while they are small without drilling. Before this technology was available, in order to get rid of that cavity between the teeth, we would have to remove a certain amount of healthy tooth structure and then place the filling.

Do you have white spots on your front teeth and are unhappy with how they look but you were told you need a filling, or even get veneers to get rid of them?

If you have had braces in the past then you might have bright white spots on your teeth and can’t stand the way they look. You might have even tried whitening your teeth and found that although your teeth get whiter, the spots can stand out more. Options to fix these white spot lesions are:

Veneers, which although they are conservative require removal of a decent amount of healthy tooth structure. This is a great option if you’re also looking to improve the shape of your teeth.

Composite, tooth colored fillings that still require some tooth structure removal but are much more conservative.

No Drill, requires no removal of healthy tooth structure and fills in the white spots to match the color of your tooth.

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