Dental crowns allow our dentists to place a lifelike cap over a tooth that has been weakened by dental decay or trauma. The protective crown restores strength to the structure of teeth and can prevent the need for tooth extraction following a root canal or restorative treatment. Dental crowns can also be placed for cosmetic reasons, often as a treatment for misshapen or misaligned teeth.

Lifetime Smiles is proud to offer our Escondido patients the convenience of same-day dental crowns. We offer advanced CEREC technology that allows our dentists to measure and manufacture your custom crown in one convenient visit.

Benefits and Uses of Dental Crowns

Following the preparation of natural tooth structure, dental crowns can serve an important restorative function by completely encasing the treated tooth in a ceramic “cap.” The restorations are commonly placed following root canal treatment or the removal of extensive decay. Dental crowns serve many uses that may include:

  • The prevention of further tooth decay
  • Replacing a missing tooth (when used in conjunction with a dental implant)
  • Covering misshapen teeth
  • Restoring a structurally compromised tooth
  • Preventing fractured teeth
  • Preventing the need for tooth extraction
  • Treating a discolored tooth
  • Attaching both ends of a dental bridge
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Cerec dental crowns at Lifetime Smiles

Dental crowns offer many benefits, and the custom restorations are natural-looking. The use of high-quality ceramic material allows our dentists to match the color and luster of your natural teeth. Dental crowns are also long-lasting. When properly maintained and cared for, dental crowns can easily last 10 years or longer.

Are You a Candidate for a Dental Crown?

For a patient to receive a dental crown, there must be sufficient tooth structure to support the prosthetic. Individuals who seek a dental crown to replace a missing tooth must first undergo dental implant placement. Dental implant placement requires unique candidacy requirements.

Candidates for Dental Crowns:

  • Desire to address significant cosmetic issues
  • Recently underwent a restorative treatment
  • Wish to preserve their natural tooth
  • Are seeking the restoration of oral function
  • Have a chipped or cracked tooth
Candidates should also be willing to maintain their new crowns by observing good oral hygiene habits and visiting our dental practice as recommended for proper hygiene therapy and exams. During your visits, we will carefully inspect the crown to ensure that it is in good condition and firmly attached.

Treatment Overview

Dental crown treatments used to require two separate visits. However, with CEREC technology, our dentists can prepare your tooth, take measurements, and oversee the manufacturing of your custom dental crown in one convenient visit — all for no extra cost.

First, your tooth will need to be prepped. This process involves removing part of the outer structure of your tooth. This procedure is performed using local anesthesia. We also offer sedation dentistry to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed throughout treatment, if needed. Once your tooth is prepared, the doctor will use a special camera to take a 3D image of your tooth, design it to fit your bite and blend in as a natural tooth. That design is then sent to our CEREC milling unit. The machine will then create your custom crown from a single ceramic block, all during your appointment,

The final step involves closely checking the fit of the porcelain cap. Once one of our doctors is satisfied, the dental crown will be placed using a strong bonding agent that can hold the crown in place for many years.

Schedule Your Dental Crown Consultant Today

Lifetime Smiles is proud to offer the skill and experience of two of Escondido’s best dentists, Dr. Christo Mallakis and Dr. Rabee McDonald. To schedule your consultation for a CEREC same day dental crown, inlay, or onlay, please contact our office online or call (760) 747-1811.