What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a stunning new way to replace one or more missing teeth. A surgical treatment, dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. We provide dental implants at Lifetime Smiles to ensure you are confident and comfortable with your smile. We understand the impact losing teeth can have on your life, so we strive to provide the necessary treatments to restore your ability to eat and speak properly and to help you feel better about the way you look and function.

dental implant explanation from Lifetime Smiles of Escondido

How are dental implants done?

Our dental implants are placed by a group of talented dual degree (both M.D. and D.M.D.)  oral and maxillofacial surgeons.  Our philosophy on dental implant placement is that they should be done by specialists, after all, they go to six more years of schooling in addition to dental school.  They are also trained in anesthesia so they can provide you with maximum comfort while keeping you safe.  We like to put you in the best of experienced and educated hands.  The results of dental implants are long lasting and permanent and failure rates very low when placed correctly and a research supported implant system is used. During a dental implant treatment, we will first place a small titanium post into the bone socket where your tooth was once located. These posts act as the foundation for your new tooth and provide superior strength and stability. After the posts have been surgically placed, your gums are allowed to heal as the post fuses to your jawbone. When the healing process is finished, a small connector called an abutment is placed on top of the post. This is what your new tooth will be connected to. Finally, your custom made tooth, generally a dental crown, bridge, or denture, is put into place to restore your beautiful smile.  The healing time for a dental implant is generally about two months.  The best side effect of dental implants are no cavities!  Titanium does not decay and we love that.

Our caring dental team, led by our expert dentists, Dr. McDonald & Dr. Mallakis, will walk you through each step of the treatment process. If you would like to learn more about dental implants, please call our dental office today at 760-747-1811! We also invite you to read Dr. McDonald’s blog on dental implants. We are excited to help you achieve a new, long lasting smile.


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