Wow, has dentistry come a long way.  I never thought I would love dentistry the way I do.  I have wanted to be a dentist since the age of 11.  Yes, I am one of those freaky people, but for some reason I guess you can say I was born to be a dentist.

What I love about dentistry, is that there is nothing we can’t do or fix.  We can change a person’s life by altering their smiles, their confidence and their chewing ability, hence improving the quality of their life and their health.

One of the greatest innovations in dentistry is  dental implants.  We can replace lost teeth by providing our patients with an anchor to hold a beautiful tooth onto.  Today’s dental implant crowns look so natural, and they emerge from the gum so beautifully, that honestly, even I can’t tell when I am examining my patients on recall.

If you wear dentures and are embarrassed  by how they look or feel, you will be amazed at how dental implants can alter the way you feel or chew.  Implants give dentures the ability to snap on like a button.  You can bite into anything you want.  I would even go as far as saying dental implants can alter a patient’s life when they are edentulous.  It can also contribute to digestive health by allowing you to chew properly.

Dental implants are made of titanium which is completely bio-compatible. Their success rate is so great that it can outlast anything else we can do in dentistry. The great advantage of dental implants is that they cannot decay.  The second great advantage is that we can avoid doing bridges.  Bridges often link several teeth together, which makes hygiene difficult.  I find that my patients with bridges have a hard time keeping them clean, their gums are never at optimum health, and most importantly, if one tooth fails, the whole bridge has to be replaced.  In other words, a dental implant allows us to restore one tooth rather than several teeth, hence keeping your cost down.  They allow for better oral hygiene as well since they eliminate the need for fancy floss threaders to clean underneath.  Often times, if the adjacent teeth are healthy, it would pain me as a dentist to shave those teeth down for a bridge.  My number one recommendation is always an implant.

Most patients are candidates for a dental implant.  Since we believe in optimum care, we recommend Oral Surgeons place the implant.  Oral surgeons have 6 additional years of training and are better equipped and trained for surgical procedures.  Once your implant is placed we wait about 2 months for the implant to integrate.  Then we take impressions to fabricate your beautiful new implant crown.   We will guide you in the right direction and take great care of you.  Many of our patients from North County and Escondido area are enjoying their smiles thanks to dental implants and you can too.  Call us today  at 760-747-1811 for a consultation.  Also see our new patient promotions!

Dr. Christo Mallakis

I earned my dental degree at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Arizona, a school that concentrated on comprehensive patient care with the newest techniques and materials. While there I was honored with an award from the American College of Prosthodontists. I am passionate about dentistry, and learning is a never ending journey in my career. Staying up to date allows me to provide the best care for my patients and contribute to a more positive perception of dentistry. I have attended countless hours of continuing education, including courses at Spear Education, the most innovative and respected dental education provider in the country. I love educating patients and helping them understand how to improve their oral health. I believe in always having a positive exchange with people and providing my patients with the same quality of dentistry I would give myself and my family. I look forward to seeing you at our office.