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Teaching your kid to brush their teeth can be quite a difficult task. However, teaching them to clean their teeth can be achieved through a learning process. This learning needs to be fun, and it is best to incorporate things that the child is familiar with. Below are five creative ways that can help you achieve this.

Simulate Train Wheels

Children have a very strong liking for trains. “Therefore, you can exploit this by simulating train wheels as you teach him or her some oral hygiene. Likening their brush strokes to the movement of the wheels of a choo-choo train is, in fact, one sure way of ensuring that they learn to brush correctly. This technique teaches them to clean using the recommended round and round strokes rather than scrubbing or using back and forth motion. Encourage them to go for the massaging big circular motion.

Making Bubbles

Bubbles are fun to play with. From making them to even breaking them, many children will find them unavoidable. You can also encourage your kid to create bubbles in his or her mouth as he brushes. This will not only make the process enjoyable and thus easy to learn but also ensure that they are brushing correctly. To spice it up even further, compete against them to see who makes the most bubbles. Of course, you will have to let them win but not all the time since you also want them to know that they cannot always win.

Bring Along a Favorite Toy

Your kids will also need more encouragement as they learn to brush their teeth. You can achieve this by having them bring along their favorite toy or even stuffed animal. You can make it more attractive by having them brush the animal’s teeth and using the brush as a super-hero who needs to rescue teeth from dirt and plaque. This will work wonders for you, and the kid will be able to brush within a very short time.

Sing the Alphabet

Learning how to brush can also be made interesting by incorporating the alphabet or any other rhymes in the process. In fact, doing this will help the child learn the alphabet or song that you will be singing and also oral hygiene. Egg timers can also be effective in this. They can brush their teeth on the countdown making the activity fun.

Let the Kid Choose the Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Children learn better from things that appeal to them. You can start by letting them choose their own brush. Avail about three different kinds of toothbrushes so that he or she has numerous options to choose from. You can get this variation by buying brushes that come in different colors or designs but ensure that they all have soft bristles. Other than just the toothbrush, there are very many different types of kids’ toothpaste. Buying more than one brand will give your child more options, and he or she will settle for one that is more appealing.


These are some of the best and creative ways that can help your child learn how to brush their teeth. Once they successfully learn this, you should then start teaching them how to floss, and you will have a teeth brushing champion in your house within no time.


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Dr. Rabee McDonald

I am a 1995 graduate of the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine and completed my post-doctorate training at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center at Newark, New Jersey. I am proud to provide my patients with the best in dental technology, treatment options and patient comfort. I spend several weekends a year at the world renowned Spear Education center to keep up with best dentists in the world.