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Finding dental cavities (caries) at an early stage is key to preserving tooth structure and avoiding major dental work such as root canals and crowns. In the past it has been difficult for dentists to differentiate “staining” in the deep grooves of teeth vs. decay. These early cavities can also be undetectable to the naked eye and X-Rays.

At Lifetime Smiles we use the Soprolife camera in order to catch the decay at its earliest stage possible, and distinguish between harmful active cavities and harmless staining.

Bacteria that cause tooth decay enter the grooves of the teeth and progress into the tooth in a pin like fashion. Once they enter the inside layer of the tooth called dentin, which is softer than enamel, they progress at a much faster rate.

Our job is to catch the bacteria before they destroy tooth structure. The Soprolife camera uses fluorescence to reveal the damaging bacteria early, so it can be treated quickly and easily (sometimes even without a shot and numbing).

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Dr. Rabee McDonald

I am a 1995 graduate of the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine and completed my post-doctorate training at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center at Newark, New Jersey. I am proud to provide my patients with the best in dental technology, treatment options and patient comfort. I spend several weekends a year at the world renowned Spear Education center to keep up with best dentists in the world.