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If you’ve been researching porcelain veneers in Escondido and you’re considering cosmetic dentistry from Lifetime Smiles, you may be wondering if it’s true that veneers “ruin” your teeth. 

In this blog, the team at Lifetime Smiles will separate fact from fiction, and discuss whether or not veneers are bad for your smile? 

Veneers Don’t Ruin Your Teeth, But Do Require Removal Of Some Natural Enamel

Veneers do not ruin your teeth. They are completely safe and are fully accepted by the ADA and other dental associations for cosmetic dentistry. So why is there a misconception that veneers “ruin” your teeth?

Veneers are a permanent, irreversible treatment. Sometimes, they require that you have some of your natural enamel removed from the teeth that are getting veneers. In these instances, the enamel must be removed to make room for the veneers and ensure they align with your natural teeth. 

Proper planning is the best way to get the most conservative treatment. Lifetime Smiles offers Digital Smile Design so you can see your new smile before treatment begins. We start with the desired final outcome and work backward to achieve results that you’ll be amazed by.

Veneers Are Durable, Long-Lasting, And Stain-Resistant

Veneers are a versatile cosmetic dental solution. They are made of porcelain, which means they will never become stained. They are also strong and durable, lasting decades with proper care. Veneers will not damage the health or integrity of your teeth, but they do need to be maintained and replaced if they wear out, similarly to your natural teeth. Your teeth will be strengthened once the permanent veneers are adhered. Your veneers will also look and feel completely natural, and will cover the imperfections of your smile, boosting your self-confidence. 

Dental Bonding Is An Option If You Don’t Want A Permanent Treatment 

Although veneers do not ruin your teeth, we understand the treatment is a commitment. You may be wondering if you can improve your smile with any other cosmetic treatments.

The answer is yes. Dental bonding is a very common alternative to veneers. In this process, Dr. Christo Mallakis or Dr. Rabee McDonald will simply apply special dental resin to the tooth to improve its shape and appearance. 

Explore Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options At Lifetime Smiles 

Still not sure if veneers in Escondido, Valley Center, or San Marcos are right for you? Lifetime Smiles can help. Contact us or give us a call at (760) 747-1811 to discuss your options for cosmetic dentistry with Dr. McDonald or Dr. Mallakis, and explore the benefits of veneers in more detail. 

Dr. Christo Mallakis

I earned my dental degree at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Arizona, a school that concentrated on comprehensive patient care with the newest techniques and materials. While there I was honored with an award from the American College of Prosthodontists. I am passionate about dentistry, and learning is a never ending journey in my career. Staying up to date allows me to provide the best care for my patients and contribute to a more positive perception of dentistry. I have attended countless hours of continuing education, including courses at Spear Education, the most innovative and respected dental education provider in the country. I love educating patients and helping them understand how to improve their oral health. I believe in always having a positive exchange with people and providing my patients with the same quality of dentistry I would give myself and my family. I look forward to seeing you at our office.