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What is better than the wagging tail of an excited dog, or the calming purrs of a happy cat? Rather than wasting your summer on social media, put your time to good use by visiting the Escondido San Diego Humane Society.

As a volunteer, you can help families to meet their new best friend and give much-needed attention to pets who need it. Not only can you help the pets this way, this helps families too. Frequent, pleasant, human interaction significantly increases the likelihood of a quick adoption for shelter pets. While staff always show love and affection to the shelter pets, they simply don’t have the time needed to truly give these four-legged friends all the love they need.

Volunteer activities include: help with laundry and dishes, cleaning kennels, filling water bowls, organizing donations, dog walking, help with training and reading to animals. Dog walkers are needed for various shifts throughout the day, which makes it easy to fit helping dogs into your busy summer schedule.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and be able to commit to at least a year of service. Hours do vary, but the typical volunteer will need to spend at least six hours per month at the shelter.

If you meet the few requirements, visit to complete your volunteer application. The Escondido San Diego Humane Society’s volunteer applications are reviewed every other month: January, March, May, July, September, November. Once qualified, you will complete orientation where the team will decide which area your skills will be best put to use. Additional training will follow as needed.

Make a difference this summer by volunteering your time to the homeless pets at the Escondido San Diego Humane Society. You will gain valuable life experience by helping families find their new, best furry friend. This type of commitment is also a great essay topic for college admission essays and looks great on a resume.

Escondido Humane Society is always making pet lovers happy. Lifetime Smiles loves making sure their owner’s smiles look great. If you are looking for excellent dental care in the Escondido, please contact us today!

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