Same Day Teeth

Same day teeth, also referred to as same day implants, are a specialized dental implant procedure. Instead of waiting months for your jaws and gums to heal before your new smile can be complete, same day teeth can be fabricated applied in just one day so that you never have to go without teeth! This treatment can be done thanks to advanced dental technology, powerful imagining equipment, and the skill of our entire Escondido dental team, led by our dentists, Dr. Rabee McDonald & Dr. Mallakis and our talented group of oral surgeons. Same day teeth are used to replace one or more missing teeth and offer a permanent solution when attached to dental implants. With same day teeth, you can enjoy a fully functional smile, allowing you to bite into food without worrying about the embarrassing movement of your teeth.


Lifetime Smiles uses only the highest quality Nobel Biocare products.

Lifetime Smiles uses only the highest quality Nobel Biocare products.

During your first appointment, we will perform a thorough consultation to arrive at the right treatment plan that is specialized to your individual dental needs.  Records are taken and you are referred to our oral surgeons for imaging and planning of the dental implants.  Our surgery suite is joint commission accredited and our surgeons are dual degree medical doctors, dentists, as well as anesthesia certified.


Your surgery date is then scheduled, your dental implants are placed, and Dr. McDonald or Dr. Mallakis, along with our artistic in-house lab technician, will fabricate your teeth while you sleep comfortably.  You will wake up to a beautiful smile, secured into place all in one appointment.  We provide same day teeth in Escondido, California as part of our commitment to offering our patients the most advanced dental treatments available. For more information about same day teeth and how they can benefit the overall health and confidence of your smile, we encourage you to contact us today at 760-747-1811. Also read our blog to learn more about restoring your smile to health and beauty!


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